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18 Nov

High Top FadeEvery one asks me, “Yo Mr. Fade, where can I get a cool hi-top fade like yours?”

Now I frequent “The Blade Barbershop“. Clean spot, great customer service. Here’s a list of barbers who will fade you properly:

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4 Nov

Anyone ever tripped off what we were eating back in the 80s? This post is partly inspired by Plug Two’s verse in a song I was listening to the other day by the Gorillaz entitled “Super Fast Jellyfish”

‚ÄúThis morning you’ve got time
For a hot, home cooked breakfast
Delicious and piping hot
In only 3 microwave minutes

Are you kidding?

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2 Nov

Yet more reasons for Homey the Clown to bop the 2000s upside its head. Yes, In Living Color returns. Further proof the the 2000s have yet to forge their own distinct identity, so much so Fox had to dust off the Wayans brothers to fly in for the rescue. I personally believe sketch comedy is lost on this generation, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some more Fly Girls. My all time favorite Fly Girl was

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