4 Nov

Anyone ever tripped off what we were eating back in the 80s? This post is partly inspired by Plug Two’s verse in a song I was listening to the other day by the Gorillaz entitled “Super Fast Jellyfish”

“This morning you’ve got time
For a hot, home cooked breakfast
Delicious and piping hot
In only 3 microwave minutes

Are you kidding?

Yo, pretty packages of frosted delights
Look, it comes with a toy, he, he, I like that
I wanna number 4, number 6 and throw in a plastic doughnut
Just enjoy the gritty crunch, it tastes just like chicken”

Yo, this describes 80s food to a T. Half out food came out of a spray can. We ate stuff that exploded in our mouth, “edible” toys, plasticy stuff you could use for ropes, and let’s not forget our favorites, Elmers and Play Dough.

Fruit Roll-Ups © Betty Crocker


So I started thinking about one of my many after school sugar addictions, fruit roll-ups. With all this fuss about plastics in food, should we have really been eating that stuff? Probably not. But you can’t tell me that fruit roll-ups weren’t the business. My favorite was grape. I’m pretty sure you have that friend in 3rd grade who’s hands were never clean but who was quick to rip a handful of sticky fruit roll-up from his smoldering lunch box and share it with you. I never shared. I made sure they were the first thing I’d eat during lunch so the other kids wouldn’t beg me for a strip.

While doing my research I stumbled upon a sight that actually shows you how to make homemade fruit roll-ups with real fruit. Wait a minute, “real fruit”? Yuck! obviously they didn’t grow up in the 80s.

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