9 Sep

So I’m watchin’ “The Captains” the other day because I’m a big trekkie and yo, Captain Sisko was wilin’ out!

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28 Aug

Yo, it’ s been a minute since I made a post. But ya boy Mr. Fade is back. I had to come back and spread some knowledge after upgrading to OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion. So after upgrading and getting situated, I logon YouTube to get my old skool downloads on…

Where’s the Activity Window Son?!



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12 Dec

Yahoo! Music recently interviewed Fab 5 Freddy and Doctor Dre to find out what the trio has been up to since the show.

18 Nov

High Top FadeEvery one asks me, “Yo Mr. Fade, where can I get a cool hi-top fade like yours?”

Now I frequent “The Blade Barbershop“. Clean spot, great customer service. Here’s a list of barbers who will fade you properly:

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4 Nov

Anyone ever tripped off what we were eating back in the 80s? This post is partly inspired by Plug Two’s verse in a song I was listening to the other day by the Gorillaz entitled “Super Fast Jellyfish”

“This morning you’ve got time
For a hot, home cooked breakfast
Delicious and piping hot
In only 3 microwave minutes

Are you kidding?

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