2 Nov

Yet more reasons for Homey the Clown to bop the 2000s upside its head. Yes, In Living Color returns. Further proof the the 2000s have yet to forge their own distinct identity, so much so Fox had to dust off the Wayans brothers to fly in for the rescue. I personally believe sketch comedy is lost on this generation, but I wouldn’t mind seeing some more Fly Girls. My all time favorite Fly Girl was

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31 Oct

Happy Halloween! Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year, followed by New Years. My very first Trick or Treat outing ended up with me, my aunt, and my cousins running from a pack of wild dogs. The Trick or Treats following were pretty tame, if you gloss over the now urban legend of poisoned Now & Laters and razor blades in apples.

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24 Oct

I never got much for my birthday or x-mas. I do remember being amped about getting a Magic Mike. For all those who don’t remember Magic Mike, he was a toy robot that blew smoke by way of heated household oil. I’m pretty sure today the burning of house hold oil is viewed as a health hazard and is probably banned. We weren’t wussies in the 80s (well, not unless you were a British pop band from that era). Inhaling toxic fumes and playing on condemned asbestos ridden lead painted houses is how we had fun.

Magic Mike

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